AIRO 2023 – Program

The workshop will be held in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA 2023), the 9th of November 2023, from 9:00 to 18:00.

9:00 AIRO Opening

Session 1: Social and Assistive Robotics

09:15 Exploiting Proximity-Aware Tasks for Embodied Social Navigation
Enrico Cancelli, Tommaso Campari, Luciano Serafini, Angel X. Chang and Lamberto Ballan
09:30 A semi-automated control system bringing robots in the theatre
Salvatore Anzalone, Giulia Filacanapa and Erica Magris
09:45 Exploiting Robots as Healthcare Resources for Epidemics Management and Support Caregivers
Christian Napoli, Christian Napoli, Valerio Ponzi, Adriano Puglisi, Samuele Russo and Imad Eddine Tibermacine
10:00 A preliminary field-trial investigation of enhancing a commercial telepesence robot with semi-autonomous navigation @Home
Gloria Beraldo, Andrea Orlandini, Riccardo De Benedictis, Gabriella Cortellessa and Amedeo Cesta
10:15 A facial imitation framework for the simultaneous face control of a virtual avatar and a humanoid robot
Mattia Bruscia, Graziano Alfredo Manduzio and Lorenzo Cominelli
10:30 Coffee break

Session 2: Multi-Robots

11:00 Multi-Agent Coordination for a Partially Observable and Dynamic Robot Soccer Environment with Limited Communication
Daniele Affinita, Flavio Volpi, Valerio Spagnoli, Vincenzo Suriani, Daniele Nardi and Domenico Daniele Bloisi
11:15 Adapting Frontier-Based Exploration for Multi-Robot Rendezvous in Unknown Environments
Mauro Tellaroli, Michele Antonazzi, Matteo Luperto and Nicola Basilico
11:30 Swarm Robotics and Quantum Computing in Simulated Environments
Alexandre Thomas, Maria Mannone, Valeria Seidita and Antonio Chella
11:45 Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery in a Dynamic Environment
Benedetta Flammini, Davide Azzalini and Francesco Amigoni
12:00 Monte Carlo planning for mobile robots in large action spaces with velocity obstacles
Lorenzo Bonanni, Daniele Meli, Alberto Castellini and Alessandro Farinelli

Session 3: Robot Learning

12:15 Planning for Learning Object Properties (paper published at AAAI 2023)
Leonardo Lamanna, Luciano Serafini, Mohamadreza Faridghasemnia, Alessandro Saffiotti, Alessandro Saetti, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini and Paolo Traverso
12:30 Learning Robotic Manipulation Tasks based on Incremental Demonstrations in a Virtual Environment
Giuseppe Rauso, Riccardo Caccavale and Alberto Finzi
12:45 Neural-based reconstruction of radioactivity distribution in large water volumes with underwater gliders
Melkon Chatsikian, Valsamis Ntouskos, Angelos Mallios and Konstantinos Karantzalos
13:00 Lunch break

Plenary AIxIA Keynote

14:00 Artificial Intelligence: Some Thoughts?
Stuart J. Russell

Session 4: Planning and Execution

15:00 Heuristic Planning for Hybrid Dynamical Systems with Constraint Logic Programming
Mikhail Soutchanski and Shaun Mathew
15:15 Scaling #DNN-Verification Tools with Efficient Bound Propagation and Parallel Computing
Luca Marzari, Gabriele Roncolato and Alessandro Farinelli
15:30 Integrating Task and Motion Planning for Manufacturing Processes
Alberto Gottardi, Nicola Castaman, Enrico Pagello and Emanuele Menegatti
15:45 Scaling up parallel robot plans to improve plan execution time: an industrial use case
Edoardo Giordani, Sofia Santilli, Luca Iocchi, Fabio Patrizi and Fabio Zonfrilli
16:00 Coffee break

Panel Session

16:30 Panel and discussion
18:00 Conclusions